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Innovation that will disrupt the tenting industry.  Why work harder, when you can work smarter.

- Kim Ehler, Inventor & Owner


Throwing Shade Mobile is a startup development company that has created a never before seen shading structure for the event industry. These structures will provide 4 separate components of event production elements all in one convenient product . With multiple sizing options and configurations, Throwing Shade Mobile will be able to service events from backyard bbq’s to large-scale outdoor festivals.  This well thought out product has also designed multi-point advertising areas for sponsorship purposes, which boosts your bottom line.


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New Product

Let me introduce to you a piece of equipment that will eliminate 3 phone calls, production load in timeline headaches and allow you to keep some money in your pocket. 


Throwing Shade Mobile can be used for small or large events such as: family reunions, backyard BBQ's, concerts, birthday parties, weddings, fairs, tradeshows, festivals, sporting events, churches, community events and more. 

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Throwing Shade Mobile is reinventing the party tent shading structure. Party tents haven’t changed much by way of functionality or design since they became commercially available in the 1920s and 30s. They are the outdoor event industry standard everyone recognizes; the white tent tops that stand over the venue. After nearly 100 years of stagnancy, it is clear something has to change. With a drab design, labor-intensive setup, the time-consuming nature of setup and teardown, the time of the party tent of the past is no more. 


Throwing Shade Mobile is the revolutionized 4 in 1 tenting system that redefines the traditional party tent. With awe-inspiring visuals and innovative mechanics, this new system reduces the cost, labor, equipment, and time previously needed to set up a tent. It can be set up by one person with the touch of a button. 


Not only is this product easy and safe to set up, it also offers an additional revenue stream with branding capabilities. With options of multiple colors and designs, as well as multiple branding points, or “petals”, you can advertise your event, promote sponsors, or share information effectively in a modern and visually pleasing way. 


With our inventive 4 in 1 system, this product will be a dream for event logistics managers, party planners, promoters, and party rental companies. Promising happy patrons, happy sponsors, and happy employees, Throwing Shade is a win/win/win. If you are interested in learning more about Throwing Shade and our revolutionized tent system, contact us today!

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